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Jun 30,2017

I DID IT!!! I’m alive and well! I am transformed! I am still on a high of disbelief and awe of myself. Yes, I will toot my own horn! This is a big accomplishment for me, and in “new” Nathalie ways, I am revelling in it! (Many self-pats on my back. Ha ha!)

What an incredible and exhilarating day at Mud Hero Montreal?!! I did it! I am an official Mud Hero! I climbed. I scaled. I repelled. I crawled. I went up steep inclines and down steep declines. I kept going. I did all 18 obstacles! I completed 17 of 18 and I did my best on the Avalanche (a monster that not many made over). I was 3/4 way up!! I hung on for a minute waiting for some assistance from the folks above (lesson learned from this moment, to come)! When they did come over to me, I looked at the guy and said after 60 seconds of squeezing my way up with all my might, “That’s okay. I’m good.” and made it down the rope and landed on my two feet…with a big smile! The attempt and effort was more than I ever imagined me doing as I saw people more physically fit than me falling and getting hurt.

I’ve learned so many lessons about myself during this 6 km muddy journey. What happened in the “short” 2 hours and 22 minutes it took me to complete brought clarity to who I am as a person and as a soul having this human experience. I met a part of myself that I had not met before. I call her The Muddy Warrior! She is awesome and amazing! My face says it all in the photo above. Joy! Strength! Courage! Belief! Accomplishment! In time, I will share with you each lesson that I learned. For now, it’s celebration time!

The following day, I was out and about! The body was sore but great sore. Yes, there exists such a sore. It’s the sore that represented my achievement, my toughness, my not giving up, and my persistence to complete and give it my all. I am super proud and impressed with myself! I took on this challenge 2 months ago. I signed up as something to do with friends and an excuse to play in mud. When does one get to play in mud?! Check out my article on “Time to Get Muddy”.

Confession time…I am in worst shape today than I was when I signed up. My physical training ended up being feeding my mouth! Cookies, ice cream, all sorts of food I don’t normally eat, not in the last year at least. Self-sabotage time! I feel my old self was saying I couldn’t do this. Setting myself up for failure or not participating. All signs pointed to it not being a good idea. My head was saying I was going to hurt myself. People even warned me from going. I considered just spectating. But a feeling deep down said, “Go! Do it! Do your best, at your time, and at your speed.” Crossing the finish line and completing was one of the best achievements of my life! This ended up being a test of not only physical strength but mental and emotional strength. The last km was the most challenging. Slow and steady…and I did it. 2 hours and 22 min! (Angel number 222!) The Muddy Warrior emerged in delight!!

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Squash any doubts that come to your mind people. If I did this, I bet you are able to too! Bonus: I got super muddy and it was great!!!

Thank you to all who supported me and cheered me on, both for the physical challenge and fundraising challenge for Special Olympics Canada! We raised $510 together!!! We reached our goal of $500 and then some!! Double bonus of feeling great right there!

Be proud of what we have done together! I sure am! 

A magical life truly happens beyond the limits of our comfort zone! Take a step out sometime. It may be a scary idea…my heart’s been racing since early this year when I made that promise to you all in “In, or out, of the notorious “comfort zone”?”. You know what though? It’s safe. It’s fun! It’s thrilling. There is so much life and greatness beyond the limits we set for ourselves!

Do you have anything exciting coming up that scares you to death and you are going to do it anyway? Have you done something similar to Mud Hero that you’d like to share? I would love to hear from you! Thank you for commenting, messaging, and sharing your stories with me and other readers. Let’s spread hope and love to all around us!

With much love and compassion to you ~ Nathalie (a.k.a. The Muddy Warrior) ♥

p.s. Did I mention we are doing Mud Hero again next year?!! Ha ha ha! Who’s in?!

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