The Million Dollar Frog

Sarah Coolidge
Sarah Coolidge is an author, trainer and message mentor.

Sep 03,2017

The Law of Attraction:

That which is like unto itself is drawn.

It was only a little frog, not even as big as a quarter. He was unmoving, sitting on the edge of my garden fountain. He was probably hoping I wouldn’t notice him. But I did, and I was thrilled to see him. He was my sign that I am right on track. My million dollar frog.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction deeply for years, seeking to understand how it works in my life to increase my daily joy and achieve the goals I am interested in. Two key principles to attracting what you want are celebrating the things you enjoy in your life now, and seeking to cultivate the feeling you believe the achievement of your goal will bring you. Doing these will lower your resistance to the things you seek and they will make their way to you more quickly and easily.

So, if I want a million dollars (which I think would be just fine to have), part of my work is to appreciate what I’ve got right now and find things to focus on that help me feel the way I think it will feel to have that million. Feeling easy, free, and surrounded by beauty and living a life of surprise and delight all come to mind for me.

And what does that have to do with a frog?

Early in the day that the frog came to visit me I had been reflecting on how much I enjoy where I live, and in particular, my own front yard. I have a birdfeeder there, and a small fountain powered by a solar pump. The regular source of food and running water has attracted many wild visitors over the years.

I often pull into my driveway, turn off the engine and sit for a few minutes, just observing what’s there. There might be a Pygmy Creeper dipping his beak in the water for a drink, or a Lodgepole Chipmunk finishing a snack. One winter day I sat in the driver’s seat communing with a Mountain Cottontail perched on a nearby snowbank, eye to eye, for a good five minutes before I finally opened my car door and he hopped away.

Quill Cloud

I am particularly fond of a White-Headed Woodpecker who hangs on the trunk of a small Jeffrey Pine, watching me with one shiny black eye. He is very shy, and scoots around to the other side of the trunk, then peeks out again to see if I am still there. He repeats this circling, back and forth, many times. It takes quite a while before he calms down enough to leave the trunk and flit to the fountain for a drink, and I wait for him to do that before I move. I learned a long time ago that disturbing wild animals, forcing them to flee us, makes them use valuable energy that they cannot afford to waste. I like to make sure they have a moment to drink or eat before I move and possibly scare them off.

These memories, and others like them, had run through my mind early in the day I saw the frog. I enjoyed myself while thinking of all of the animals I have seen over the years, and all of the nice moments of interaction with them. It was simple, pure appreciation of where I live and the things I can see here. After a time my thoughts shifted to other things and I went on about my day, taking care of business and feeling good.

It was hours later, at night, when I pulled into the driveway and the tiniest motion caught my eye. I wasn’t even sure I was looking at anything at all, but I leaned in and stared at the little brown smudge on the lip of the fountain. Yep, it moved a little, and I could see it was a tiny Sierran Tree frog. Perhaps he had stopped by for a drink, on a cool night after a very hot August day. Beautiful!

I suddenly remembered all of my happy thoughts earlier in the day and knew that this frog was here to remind me of the power of the Law of Attraction. I attracted him right into my experience by the happy energy I had sent out while remembering other visitors and feeling the joy and appreciation they had brought me.

That’s how you do it. Feel joyous appreciation for things in your life right now and more of the same will come to you. It is easy for me to do that with these natural sightings, especially because of where I live. But the principles are all the same, no matter what you want to attract and create. And if I can do it with a frog, I can do it with anything!

Now, I know that Psychologists tell us that we are mentally wired to create patterns and that all I am doing is connecting events that I want to connect because it feels good to have a story to explain my world to me. I also know about the human brain’s Reticular Activating System, and how it is designed to make us notice more of the things we are already interested in. In other words, I know a lot about the science that says that I am crazy to believe that I manifested that frog by thinking happy thoughts. I am sure there are plenty of scientists out there who can run lots of experiments and crank out lots of data to prove they are right.

And I am sure of one other thing:  I would rather be happy than be right.

Whatever you choose to believe can affect how you feel, and most (if not all!) of us want to feel good. Heck, science even backs me up on that one. There are tons of studies being done on how to be happy and we have plenty of proof that happy people do better in life in many ways. Plus, they are happier!

So, I will keep celebrating my little million dollar frog, knowing that seeing him means I am right on track to see all of the other things I wish to create.

I hope you will find ways to do the same!



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