The Editing Process…

Julie Glynn Miller
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Aug 02,2017

As a newbie gardener last spring, I bought three organic tomato starts and planted them fairly close together. I didn’t know what I was doing and should have spread them farther apart, but they must have liked it where I planted them because they grew and grew. It really was amazing. I knew just how Jack and the Beanstalk felt! My sister, who has had a garden forever, had never seen anything like it. You couldn’t tell one plant from the other, it just looked like one huge tomato plant that was beautiful and as tall as the roof line and climbing.

But as beautiful as this plant was, it wasn’t producing any tomatoes. So I got on YouTube and watched several videos on why and how to prune your tomato plants and went out there with a ladder and pruning shears and tackled my gigantic plant. I was hesitant at first. It seemed a shame to cut away on this plant that I was so proud of. But I kept at it, and when I was finished I had a three foot high pile of pruned branches. Now there was airflow and the sunlight could get in and shortly thereafter I began to get tomatoes that were so sweet they were like eating candy right off the vine. 

I think the book editing process is a lot like this. We have this beautiful book that we are so proud of and someone is telling us that they want us to change sections and cut others out? You have got to be kidding! It is almost too painful to get started. But we need to trust the editors who know what it takes to make the book stronger and more marketable, just as I had to trust the videos on pruning. If I hadn’t pruned it, I would have gotten enjoyment out of looking at my beautiful gigantic plant but wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the fruit. I am confident that when we are finished with our literary pruning, our books will be better than when we started and something we can proudly send out there for everyone to enjoy.


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