The Art of Food

Tyler Anderson
Our experiences add so much to life and I never want to stop learning and progressing.

Feb 13,2017

Every day we eat. We eat for various reasons. Most importantly food sustains us, nourishes our bodies with the energy to perform many tasks throughout the day. Without food we would perish. When does food become more than just food? When is food considered art? I think cooking technique is an art form. The clanking of a metal spoon on a sauce pot is music to my ears. The swirl of sauce on the plate moves me. The dash of seasoning from high up finishes a dish. Tossing flour across a table, the fine powder dusting falling ever so lightly. Food transcends simplicity and the singularity of being something to nourish us when care in creation takes place. When a dish is presented in a way to visually attract you before you smell or taste the concoction. Whether something is art is in the eye of the beholder.

What food defines you? What dishes do you remember from years past? Think back on your most memorable meals. More than likely you used more senses than just taste. You probably saw, smelled, tasted, and maybe even touched. When I realized such dishes could move me in such a way that I would remember those moments, I knew that food became something more than just a way to fill up, food became art in my life. Art that defines who I am, what I care about, and an outlet for creative passion that lingers in us all. It is human nature to have a desire to create something beautiful or useful, and in cooking I get to try and satisfy both. May you remember back to your most cherished food moments and continue cooking and experimenting in the kitchen to create more amazing memories.

Food is life. Art is an expression of life. Food can transform us, change us physically, and emotionally. Food can satisfy. Food, cooking, eating, art, it’s all an experience.

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