That Time Timothy Gave Up His Tilapia

Erica Ligocki
Hello! I am Erica, and my passion for writing began at a very young age. I can still remember the first time that I received a diary, and I knew in my heart that it was going to be something special. I mainly enjoy writing about God and teaching children. I like to challenge people to see things from a different perspective.
Religion And Spirituality

Feb 23,2018

Have you ever wanted to give God more than what you had in your hand? Or have you ever wondered if what you have given to God is enough? These thought-provoking questions often harbor the hearts of many well-meaning Christians.

First of all, the good news is that God wants your heart and your time more than he wants your stuff. Second of all, it appeared that Jesus performed more of His miracles with those who gave less than those who gave more. The simple yet profound act of surrendering a heart looked different for different people. 

In John 6, we are able to read about the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 people. In verse 5 Jesus asks Philip, “Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” He asked the disciples what they should do. Their responses came with much human reasoning. They asked Jesus how they would be able to feed so many customers with so little. Philip focused on their lack of money while Andrew focused on their lack of resources. When Jesus asks Andrew about his opinion, he responds, “There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?” What Andrew viewed as lack, Jesus saw as more than enough. 

Although nothing else is mentioned about this lad, there is much to be uncovered in the one scripture that he was woven into. Bible scholars believe that the word “lad” used here means “little boy.” However, it is possible (but unlikely) that is could have also referred to a servant. We’ll call this little boy Timmy. Aside from the fact that little Timmy gave up his lunch, scholars also believe that this meal was his source of income. He was most likely at that crowd in order to make a living., not to see a miracle take place. Furthermore, the fact that the loaves were made of barley indicate that he was most likely of a poor social status. Now imagine that little boys face when he hears a conversation about how his only means of livelihood is going to taken from him but turned into something more! I imagine that this little boy willingly gave Jesus his lunch, even if it was just for the sake of curiosity. Jesus never takes against our will.  

In verse 10 Jesus has everyone in the crowd sit down. While they were standing, the little boy must have blended in to everyone else, except for Jesus. When they were compelled to sit down, I imagine that little boy squirming in his seat as Jesus gave thanks for the bread. I imagine him resisting the urge to stand up and take a sneak peak at his regenerating lunch. And by the time his meal reappeared before his own eyes, I imagine every ounce of doubt he might have had in making his decision vanish. 

In that particular moment, little Timmy had given away everything that he had. It didn’t look like much, according to Andrew. But according to Jesus, it was exactly what they needed. Don’t be discourage by the small amount that you have to give. When you compare yourself to others, there will always be someone who will out-give you. When you see yourself as God sees you, you will always be ecstatic to give whatever you have with a full heart.  I encourage you not to think about giving something up to God as much as you think about your heart attitude while doing it. Giving God what you have will look different at different moments throughout your life. If you give God what you have with an honest and willing heart, He is able and willing to give you much more in return. 

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