START HERE: How to Publish an Article on GoRead

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Jun 19,2018

START HERE: How to Publish an Article on GoRead

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The first time I flew to New Zealand I was not able to sleep at all. I stumbled out of the plane after a flight of 4 hours to Los Angeles followed by a flight of 13 hours to Auckland. Due to time zone changes, an entire day of my life had vanished. I hauled my weary, unshaven, sweaty body into a large room where with blood-shot eyes I saw a sign: START HERE.  

Oh, how I love Kiwis (New Zealanders.) One of them put up a sign that even a jet-lagged tourist who lacked the mental capacity at the moment to successfully tie his shoes understood. I started there.

I know very well that new GoRead authors are bright and capable people, but sometimes it helps to have a step-by-step explanation that you can print out and read.  So here is the way to post an article, one step at a time.


Read about Best Practices (also a good thing to print out so you can refer to it as needed.) Watch the videos and read articles on how to write an article. Write a great article. Find a wonderful photo or illustration from a public domain source or a personal photo or pay to use someone else’s.


1. Put the illustration/photo where you can find it easily on your computer.

2. Save your article on whatever word program you have, making certain you give the source of the illustration or photo within the article to show you are obeying copyright regulations. You don’t want other people to claim your work as their own We creative types need to support one another.

3. Make sure you are on the GoRead page as an Author.

4a. If you are on the page that shows your Personal Library go to the vertical list of options near the top of the page. Hit the Article Tab.  

4b. If the page you are on shows a wide blue oval that says Author Page, click under your picture on the upper right side of the page. From the drop down menu select GoRead Buzz. That will take you to the page with the list of options.  

5. If you have already put up articles, there will be information under the title of the current article about when your last article was posted. You can post once a week so you may have to wait. If you are too soon and you hit the Add an Article Tab you will get an option to save the article and come back later.

6. When you can post click on the Add an Article Tab.

7. At least the first time you post, read the lawyerly type so you see what you are getting into. The statements are standard publishers legalese.

8. Click within the square of dashes, which shows a small box holding a stylized landscape image. Add the illustration you put where you could find it. You have to put up the image before you can put up the typing.

9. Drop down and paste your saved your article where it says Write an Article in italics.

10 Then go up to the Type your article heading, which is light gray in color. Type in your article title there.

11 Then go up again to the Select a Category Tab. Click on that. Look over the categories to see which best describes your work. Select the one you want. I suggest you take your time to think this over. Steps 8, 9 and 10 don’t take much thought so I wanted you to do them first even though that is not the order on the screen.

12 At this point you can and should give a final look at your article before you publish it. Is the spacing what you want you want? Read it carefully; it is not going away so you can take your time.

13 When you are satisfied, hit the Publish Tab.

14 It may take a moment before the green sign shows up that your article has been published.

15 Breathe a sigh of relief and feel a moment of pride. Your article has been published.  

P.S. You can use the pencil icon to edit a published article.

Please leave me a comment if you find this helpful.  

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