Sorry I am wrong

Gary Dwyer
Cop for 23 years, qualified as a commercial pilot, been severely depressed and life has happened

May 01,2018

Reading Time: 30 Seconds

We all have things going on, things that seem to take over our lives from time to time. We are in a results driven society where the need to be right and not being the one having made a mistake is oh so important.

Or is it?

I do think that results are important in whatever discipline or field you may be in. You may be in a sports team, you may be delivering mail where the end result is having delivered a certain number of parcels… Results.. 

What if you don’t achieve the result? 

You don’t score the winning goal?

You don’t get the sale?

You give someone the wrong information??

Unfortunately too many people and organisations seem hellbent upon making excuses for not having achieved something, they can blame you for them not delivering.. It’s always someone else’s fault.

How refreshing would it be if that person simply said “I was wrong, I am sorry” I have always found that this takes the “sting” out of most (not all!) situations. That simple statement of accepting and having the guts to say “I’m Sorry” is so important.

I have recently read a medical report that referred to the Left Knee when I knew for a fact it was the Right Knee! After making the relevant people aware of this…

Did I receive an apology? 

No… I didn’t 

I received an email stating that it mattered not whether it was the Left or Right… (it does actually!)

Incidentally the report had been corrected though…

“Sorry I was wrong” would have made a heck of a lot of difference.

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