So You Want To Start A Passion Business?

Keira McCredie
Keira McCredie is a Personal Coach, Certified Nutritionist and writer. In a world overcrowded with diets and rules when it comes to your health, Keira brings a refreshing simplistic approach to healthy living. Her straight-forward advice and real life insights have helped many individuals get unstuck and start taking action.

Jan 26,2017

Do you ever get that “what am I doing with my life” feeling? Maybe you realize all your decisions leading up to this point in your life were made to please someone else? Maybe you choose to travel the expected, predictable road that would keep you safe and taken care of?

I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want a map drawn out with exact steps leading to a guaranteed destination?

What if you start to approach what you’ve been working so hard for and wake up to the fact that you’re not happy. That your countless hours spent at work are leaving you empty, unsatisfied and with a host of addictions. You take advantage of your benefits; counselling is covered. But think, what if I need a life overhaul? You start to fantasize putting your resignation letter on your boss’s desk. Like BAM, “I’m FREE!”

You start to dream up and design what your life could look like… a life where you create a passion based business. A lifestyle that allows you to travel, have all the freedom in the world and finally be in control. You could wake up and absolutely love what you do and….STOP right there.

Before you go quitting your day job to follow your dream of owning a passion business, lets pull back the curtain..

In order to persevere and stay the course (which lets be honest, its one hell of a long road) you must cultivate an absolute confidence, and an indestructible desire to take action. But you won’t have someone telling you what actions to take, sounds fun right? Know that fear of failure and judgement will potentially weigh down your every move.

You won’t have an applause when you do something difficult, you wont have someone looking over your shoulder making sure you’re doing the work. 

You will have opinions thrown at you left and right, and you will be judged. At a time when you thought you couldn’t possibly experience more self doubt.

And when opinions fade out, you will get complete silence when all you want is reassurance. 

We are all capable of building a passion based business with enough work, but be aware nothing brings up your insecurities more than battling your worthiness of owning a business. That your skills and talents alone are enough for people to pull out their cheque book.

I am not trying to scare you away from wanting to travel down that path, I will be your biggest cheerleader if you do!! I am however determined to bring the honest truth of the work required. I’ve gone through more self development work this year than I care to admit, but I can’t think of a more purpose filled gift you could give yourself. 

Its a beautiful thing when someone can blend business with their passion, but it’s not for everyone. I am however strongly opinionated that you should find joy in the work that you do.

Whatever path you choose for your career, find value and meaning in the work that you do. At the end of your precious life (you spend on average 90,000 hours at work), I’d hate for you to say you wish you’d done something different.

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