Remembering Memorial Day

David Dailey
David writes Christian themed articles, produces scripture photos, and is finalizing a book.

May 08,2018

Every year in the month of May, the United States celebrates a holiday that most in the US really pay little attention to, other than recognizing it is a day that marks the beginning of summer. It is a day that adds one extra day to the weekend, allowing many families to enjoy the first camping trip of the year. Memorial Day weekend is a time family and friends get together, dust off the BBQ grills and enjoy time together. Although for some, Memorial Day isn’t a happy day, it is a day of tears, broken hearts and crushed dreams.

As you make your plans to celebrate Memorial Day this month, stop and take a couple of minutes to think about what this specific weekend is really dedicated to, and remember those who have or are serving in the military.

Of all the things we enjoy in life, freedom is the only one that requires a blood sacrifice. The Christian freedom from sin was bought by Christ’s blood sacrifice (Hebrews 9:28) and the men and women who serve in our militaries have shed their blood in sacrifice for our national freedom. The focus of this article is on the debt we owe our military personnel for the sacrifices they freely paid, that we might enjoy the freedoms we have. Take a moment and remember the military personnel who have lost their lives in combat throughout the history of the United States.

·        The War of Independence – approximately 8,000 militia men died fighting for independence.

·        The War of 1812 – approximately 2,260 military personnel died maintaining our independence.

·        The Civil War – nearly 215,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives in combat.

·        World War I – approximately 53,400 American soldiers died fighting for the freedom of European countries.

·        World War II – 291,557 American military personnel lost their lives fighting for the freedoms of European countries and Pacific Rim countries.

·        Koran War – 33,686 American military personnel lost their lives fighting to keep Korea free.

·        Vietnam War – 47,424 American military personnel lost their lives fighting for freedoms in Vietnam.

·        Gulf War I – 149 American military personnel died fighting for Kuwait’s’ freedom.

·        The ongoing fight for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq has taken nearly 5,700 American military lives.

The number of people who died in battle in the major wars listed and in the numerous other events that required military force throughout history from 1775 to present is approximately 666,441 military personnel, with another 674,000 (approximate) people dying later from wounds and other injuries sustained in combat.

These numbers are limited to American loses in combat, and doesn’t include the numbers of Canadians, British, French, Australian, Russian or any other nationality who gave their all in the fight for freedom.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have served and those who continue to serve in the military protecting this country and many other countries’ freedoms. It’s a day to remember freedom is NEVER free; its price is always paid in Blood.

I salute all of you, past and present members of the military. May God Bless you for what you have given up that we might be free. For all the families grieving the loss of a military member in combat, my heart breaks for you, and I thank you for allowing your family member to serve in the defense of our freedom.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13 KJV)


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