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Human Connections

Aug 31,2017

In the last two years of this spiritual journey I have been paying attention to, and actively participating in, one thing I know for sure now, there are teachers everywhere and in any form. They may be in the shape of a human, an animal, a flower or tree, an element, an emotion, and/or a feeling. They are abundant in many forms.

“Wonton soup a teacher?” you may be asking yourself. Where is she going with this?

About a year ago, I attended a free three-day workshop in downtown Montreal, on how to publish a book. I guess you could say it was another step out of the comfort zone. I went to see what it was about. Curiosity got me. I have always dreamed of publishing a book; this was a step to see what it entailed. It opened my eyes in more ways than one.

Fast-forward to the third day, after the workshop was over, I went to explore the world of cosplay. I was downtown already and the Montreal Otakuthon convention was happening. How fun to see all the costumes and characters walking the streets of Chinatown?! I decided to take another step out into adventure and entered the world of imagination. I ended up getting lost in it. I met some interesting characters. I even helped one character fix her large wings! I ended up leaving near closing time. It was just that fun!!

So, here I am at about 10 pm, in Chinatown, exhausted by the day’s excitement (learning and then exploring), hungry (realizing I had not eaten since lunchtime), and thinking about taking advantage of the fact that there are delicious Asian yummies all around me. It’s not often I get to visit Chinatown for some authentic Asian food. “Why not?” I decide. I strolled the lane of restaurants and looked at the outdoor menus. My levels were so low; I had no idea what I wanted to eat. I landed on the first restaurant (that I had passed 15 minutes earlier). I was looking at the outdoor menu. Noodles? Soup? Soup and noodles? Rice? Pineapple chicken? Everything looked tantalizing.

Then, behind me, I heard a faint voice, “Excuse me. May I have a bowl of wonton soup?” “Wonton soup, eh?” I reflected. That sounded good. It was decided. Wonton soup it was. Wait a minute. Was that my inside voice or an actual person? I turned around and saw the frail man the voice belonged to. I smiled and said, “Sure.” At least I was not hearing things.

I went in the restaurant and ordered two wonton soups to go, in separate bags, and one with noodles. I figured the price difference was peanuts and it would be more substantial for him. As I waited for the order in the restaurant, I thought to myself, how funny the decision was so nonchalant. It came with ease and comfort. It was a no brainer. I could have reacted in a way of fear and run away. I realized I was not programmed that way. 

When the order was up, I handed him the bag. I told him there were extra noodles for his pleasure. He was kind and appreciative. We ended up chatting for about twenty minutes. I learned he was homeless for the last 10 years. He used to be a known rock carving artist in Canada’s Northland. He used to live in Ontario. He came to Quebec for work he was commissioned to do for the city and he stayed (mainly cause he has no funds to get back home).  He said his artwork is in Old Montreal. He was so interesting and with such a rich story. I could have spoke with him longer. He asked if we could eat together. Despite wanting to sit with him to enjoy our soups, now the time was past 11:30 pm and I was far from home.

Who knew when I woke up, that my day would be so rich? I learned about being an author, I discovered the world of cosplay and lost myself in it, and then I met a lovely soul looking for some comfort and connection. I went home with gratitude in my heart.

My night did not end on wonton soup and giving a person a meal for the night. It ended with a reminder of compassion, empathy, and connection. Human connection. Soul connection. It was also a reminder of the person I was, my True Self. No longer was I to deny who I really was due to others beliefs or my own past beliefs.  What a blessing that gentleman gave me. I still remember his name and will always remember.

You never know when a small gesture may impact and affect someone’s life. It may be a helping hand to cross the street, a “Hello”, or even a smile. It all makes a difference. These require little to no effort at all.

Do you have a similar story you would like to share? Are you the participant or the witness to said story? Do you believe in synchronicity?

I would love to hear from you. Thank you for commenting, messaging, and sharing your stories with me on my Author Page.

Have a beautiful day! ~ Nathalie ♥

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