No Matter How You Feel – Write a Song About It

Deeann Mathews
Deeann D. Mathews is an African American author and musician living life in San Francisco, CA

Jul 17,2018

I have not been on GoRead for a while because I have been away creating an entire course – more about that in the coming weeks. But while I have been away, cI have been observing the political upheaval in international affairs. My only comment about that is an idea for you: if you feel strongly about the issues of the day, go on and write a song about them.

  • Writing songs about the issues that concern you helps you find your voice, emotionally and artistically. Sometimes we have a tangle of feelings about the matters that are key to us, and it can be helpful to use music – a language of emotion – to express them. Yet at the same time, the act of creating and structuring a song allows you to sort out and organize both your thoughts and your feelings into a concrete position.
  • A well-written song helps others find their voice as well. Not everyone has the gift the songwriter has to take thoughts and emotion and turn them into beautiful art, but many, many people will find relief and encouragement from your use of your gift. One of the reasons things turn violent in times of great upheaval is because people do not feel they are being listened to, that anyone understands or cares how they feel and what they and theirs are going through. But when there is a song that speaks to the heart and the concerns of those who feel overlooked and also touches the hearts of those who otherwise might not make the effort to understand, connection can happen between people who would otherwise be at odds.
  • This IS about business: needless to say, songs that capture the pulse of the times sell well. It is true at all times: your fans will pay you well to minister to their needs. Times of great social unrest provide opportunity because again, people are looking to have a sense that they are not alone, and also to be able to explain their position to others. A great song can do all of that, and songwriters are well rewarded for providing what the people need.

The temptation for all of us right now is to be constantly upset with all that is going on, to spend time on social media with those who agree with us and reinforce one another’s beliefs while dismissing those of others. May I suggest a more productive path? Take how you feel and produce beauty from it – write that song, connect with people in your position and across positions, and be rewarded for the effort!

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