Nature and Nurture

Jody Holmes
Jody is a humanitarian environmentalist who is dedicated to helping people and the planet.

Mar 28,2018

“Among the most sacred gifts you can give your child is the gift of health. This gift is best given by example.” ~ Dr. Rand Olson

Why do people love their pets so much? Because they interact with them and have a connection with them. No material thing can ever replace that. And no connection to any material thing will ever compare to that. Even in a technological world where everything can be done for us, there will never be any material or machine that can even remotely compare to the connections and bonds that we form with biological things.

What is more important to you? Is it your family, friends, pets, a clean and healthy environment, or your computer, phone, stereo or car?

We have come to expect to have all these things in modern societies. But what if you had to choose between the biological and technological worlds? The human species can survive and thrive in the natural world without any technology whatsoever. We have proved that over the entire evolution of our species. However, we cannot even survive, let alone thrive, without the biological world. We are intrinsically linked to the biological world. We have evolved in it over millennia, yet we are now separating ourselves from it and replacing it with the technological world. No wonder there are so many social issues in so-called “developed societies”. I believe it is borderline criminal to diagnose children with things like adhd and then prescribe them medication when all we really need to do is connect kids with the natural world and other kids so they can explore nature and develop and expand their minds in healthy ways. Our current methodology in many modern societies is to diagnose, prescribe, medicate, and suppress the minds of our children.

What kind of life do you think they will have?

What kind of future do you think they will have?

We are treating our children like guinea pigs. Subjecting them to unnatural chemical complexes that often cause more harm than good. And many of the drugs have not been sufficiently tested. So we are literally using our children as a way to test drugs that may due more harm to them than any benefit they may provide. Do we really want to expose our children to a medicated childhood? A suppressed childhood that is more likely to lead to a life of social exclusion, discrimination, depression, and possibly even suicide than to a life of intrigue, interest, social inclusion, physical and mental well-being, motivation, participation, activism, compassion, love, appreciation and respect for nature, and most importantly, getting to have all of those good things while just being a kid and enjoying life without even having to think about those things.

How do you think children should be raised?

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