Mic Check 1, 2!

Victor Cartagena
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Aug 03,2017

There’s something special about being a musician. It all ties in with being a creator and amazing yourself with the potential of what you create. You don’t need me to tell you that not every musician is going to sell records (or I guess it would be streams now). But you as a musician deserve to have a tangible product that is a result of hard work and talent. This article is written to inform you that all the resources and tools you need have never been easier to obtain.


Now, before you rush over to Google and start learning the difference in microphone types, and recording software, what is the current state of your product? Do you write songs? Is your talent strictly vocal related or do you play an instrument? The 16 year old me ran out and bought “songwriting for dummies”. I ended up never opening it and using it as a stand for a studio monitor. See the real knowledge came from what’s out there. Your style of music is more than likely modelled after someone who inspires you. That’s a great start.


There is a range of products designed for beginners all the way to professionals looking to build a home studio. I have a young friend who just wanted to sing but couldn’t imagine making it into a studio. I encouraged some of her family to buy her a simple USB microphone. From the moment she opened it up she would lay down covers and song concepts. If your looking for a way to hear what rhythm you have, pull out that smartphone right now and start recording.


So how do you move passed the DIY and forward to professional like music. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a condenser microphones, audio interfaces, and/or recording software, then make connections! There are a variety of university/college students looking for volunteers to use in music projects (check out Metal Works Institute!). The amazing thing that comes with that is you have your music recorded in a professional studio! If lyrics aren’t your thing, a simple Facebook post could bring people to you! When passionate, ambitious people lock minds there’s no telling how far you could go.


This article isn’t telling you to pack up and move to New York or LA. I just want to light that fire in you that will have you searching the Internet for the best (affordable!) tools to help you create. There is no better feeling then listening to your own work of art play through a pair of speakers. To record a decent product, search these four things! 1) a studio condenser microphone 2) a digital audio interface (1 or 2 channels is more than enough and will not break the bank!) 3) recording software (don’t be intimidated. There are basic versions to professional programs much cheaper). 4) studio headphones that you could use for playback! 

Write these four things as headings at the top of a page and beginning make jot notes on the various options out there. Put all the effort you can in order to ensure that you are well equipped to start creating. My love for writing songs turned into a passion for recording, which led to music production, which led to entertainment business, and who knows where that will lead me! It all started from putting a pencil to a piece of paper 14 years ago. So do not fear any lack of progress! Push forward and obtain any skill your brain is willing to soak up!

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