Let Your Greatness Shine in 2018

Christoff J. Weihman
Personal Development

Jan 02,2018

Let Your Greatness Shine in 2018!


The fireworks are over, the ball has been dropped, the countdown has struck midnight, now what? You’ve raised a glass, you greeted your friends and loved ones and cheered, “Happy New Year!” So, what will be different for you 12 months from today? What will be different for me? 

For some people, they meet the New Year with great expectancy and hope. But that’s all they have-just hope. They believe that this year will be different, better but the single strategy they rely upon is wishing for things to change.

For others, they are pessimistic and say “It’s just another year. Same ole, same ole. Nothing ever changes for me.” And indeed, they affirm their own self-fulfilling prophecy. Each year looks almost exactly like the previous one. Nothing ever really changes.

Then there’s a third group of people who are not only excited and hopeful but they have taken the time to look forward with a positive vision, they’ve written out specific goals for their health, their relationships, their career, their finances and more. They have a plan of action to make those goals a reality.  They are not depending upon hope or fate or their horoscope. They are action takers. They are people who have a burning desire to progress, to move forward, to achieve and to accomplish more. They are people who do not take for granted the amazing gifts and talents with which they’ve been blessed. Rather, they know in their hearts that they’ve been endowed with such gifts so that they can be a blessing to others by sharing them. 

They are the ones who have committed to their own success. They are the ones who know that the potential inside them is bubbling just beneath the surface, anxiously waiting to burst forth. They have a conviction that regardless of the successes or failures of the past, that this year they will create new opportunities for themselves. That this is the year that they make a decision to put it all on the line. This is the year that they will do that one thing, pursue that one dream, step forward into that one goal, activity or plan that they’ve been telling themselves for years that they will do, or begin or create once it’s the right time. 

These are the people who now know that there is never an exact perfect right time. They have a conviction deep in their soul that Today is the Day, Now is the Time. Now is Their Time. Now is Your Time. Now is My Time.

These people know that if the Dream is inside them, that it’s there for a reason and not just to wish or imagine or to ponder it. No, that Dream, that Desire, is within them, is within you, is within me, for a purpose because we were meant to go do that thing. Whatever it may be. We were all born for Greatness. We all have Greatness within us. We are all meant to shine brighter than we currently have been.

Therefore, let us not focus on the past, our failures, our stops and starts. Let us not allow fear or doubt or anxiety to creep in and stifle our wonderful vision of what we know we are capable of. Let us not listen to the voice-whether our own, or others’ that says, “It’s too difficult, it will take too much time, or effort or energy or money.” Let us become deaf to the words that that attempt to drown out our own battle cry of success. 

Let us walk in faith with the assurance that we have within ourselves and with the support of the One who gave us that dream, the capacity, the energy and the positivity to make it a reality. Let us declare that we are right now attracting unto ourselves the opportunities, the connections, the talents, the strength, the courage, the mindset, the attitude, the finances-all that is required for us to step into our Greatness and become who we know we are truly meant to be. 

Let us step forward, let us rise up and be bold. Let us not shrink from the challenge, let us meet it head on knowing that as we move forward more of the path will be revealed unto us. Let us believe in our hearts that we are deserving of whatever dream or success that is calling us forth. Let us surround ourselves with other like-minded, like-hearted individuals who also are on their own path and who willingly will support us and cheer us on. 

Let us choose today to embrace the challenge, to stand up and say “Yes!” to our Dream. Let us welcome with open arms, with a positive mindset and an attitude of action and with all the vitality that is within us our own Greatness. Let us say aloud “Yes, I Am!” “Yes I Am Greatness!” 

Thank you for reading. May 2018 be the Year for Your Greatness to Shine.

Cheers! Christoff J. Weihman

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