Know Your Worth.

Tara Lee Gooding
SUPER Proud and WONDERFULLY Blessed single parent of an AMAZING 12yr old man. Inspired by nature, children and music. I enjoy crafting, writing, baking, painting, photography just to name a few creative ways I express my inner thoughts. I am a Serial Mompreneur who is trying to ensure my MiniMe gets everything he requires to be the best He can be.
Human Connections

Sep 02,2017

Know Your Worth – Apply it to ALL aspects of Your life.

How many of Us truly know Our worth?

I am a small business owner and I create many items for different occasions.

When I started out I had no idea of what a budget or expense report was. I did what I did because I loved doing it.

After a few months I got woke and realized that I was severely short-changing myself and undervaluing my potential.

No matter the business, all services and products hold value. From the ground up, there are constant costs varying in amounts. However, one thing people tend to forget to factor in is their time.

I was guilty of this.

Learning time management has helped. Every hour, minute and second you spend working on your business holds immense value.

With extensive research and frequently asked questions, I was directed to many different ‘formulas” on how to calculate and come to a pricing system that works for me.

Through all the learning, trials and failures one thing I did realize is that my not charging for my time wasn’t only due to the fact that I didn’t know what to charge. It also was effected by the fact that I hadn’t built up enough confidence in myself and my work. Woulda, coulda and shoulda always weighed heavily on my mind. Always comparing myself to others was a huge obstacle as well. Once I was more confident in my talents I became not only more motivated but determined to succeed.

My time is just as valuable, if not more than, the products and services I offer.

You can always recooperate any monetary losses pertaining to supplies. Time lost, however, is something that when it is gone… it is GONE.

Knowing Your worth doesn’t only apply to business. Worth doesn’t only apply to a monetary value.

Being shown and given, Trust, Respect, Loyalty, and Love is priceless.

In relationships, be it family, friends or intimate you must always be sure your feel valued.

Yet another lesson learned the hard way. I remained in abusive relationships because I didn’t believe I deserved better.

What I have seen in relationships of more than 20, 30, 40 years is that each person involved values the other “equally”, for lack of a better word. In order for a relationship to grow and thrive I believe everyone has to not only know, but feel that they are honestly treasured. Telling someone how much you value them should go along with showing them. Some say “Actions speak louder than words”. Personally I believe that actions and words go hand in hand. Doing one more than another in time becomes static and in like, becomes meaningless.

One final note…

Know and RESPECT the value of those around you.

Although there are those who would beg to differ, NO ONE is of any greater value than another .

Be blessed.

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