Industry Standards in Restaurants.

Danny W
I am a wine and food lover. I spent the first half of this decade studying and working in the culinary arts before moving towards the front of house. I am passionate about food and wine, and strive to find the best pairings to create the perfect experience.
Customer Service

Jul 28,2017

Whenever you are in a particular industry it can make it more difficult to enjoy your experience as a consumer of that product or service. This is because instead of going in blind and accepting whatever comes your way, you have a certain standard that you are used to and have difficulty accepting anything less. Of course, the same can be said of a regular high end consumer or client, but as someone who sees the behind the scenes and lives the experience day to day there is an added layer of expectation. 

As a manager for a fantastic company where service is of utmost importance, I have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy a dining experience at many other establishments. Certainly, I don’t go to Kelsey’s expecting the same quality food or service as a Michelin star restaurant, but there are some things that should be standard across the board and simply aren’t. 

Here are some basics that I think most of you will agree with:

Describe the item appropriately in the menu. Don’t leave out the fact that something is deep fried or covered in a particular sauce. Don’t leave out any main ingredients, especially those that may be allergies. Yes, this happens. It happened to my this weekend. 

Greet the guests efficiently, and take a beverage order as soon as possible. 

Once guests order, make sure they have any condiments or cutlery they may require. Nobody likes getting a burger and having to wait because they don’t have what to dress it with. 

Serve the food within a reasonable time, and serve ALL the guests at the same time. This is probably my biggest pet peeve and it is rarely justified. 

If the dish isn’t that good, be honest. Most waiters are, but sometimes you get a recommendation that you can’t possibly understand as being honest. If its not good chances are the guest will send it back so try to help them choose the right dish from the start. Obviously this can’t always be avoided…but try. 

Don’t make me wait a lengthy time to pay my bill. But on the flip side, don’t rush me out the door. 

If you do experience these things as a customer I encourage you to kindly let your waiter know. I want to emphasize the kindly as waiters work really hard for their tips, and are sometimes just the messengers. There may be factors you don’t see like an understaffed restaurant, or mistakes made by the kitchen (it happens). If you experience more than one of these things I suggest you speak to a manager as this will encourage change within the industry. Do so with respect as you and your complaints/concerns are more likely to be taken seriously. 

Lets raise the bar in our beautiful city, so we can all enjoy more positive dining experiences no matter where we eat. 



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