In a Short Time, This Will be a Long time Ago

Ed Dudley
Faith and belief in God is the foundation of my writing.
Religion And Spirituality

Mar 21,2017

In a Short Time, This Will be a Long Time Ago


If you’re married with children, it may seem such a short time ago that you were feeding your child with a bottle. But, it may have been five, 10, or even 20 years back. It seems such a short time in our minds to when we were married, or graduated from high school or college, or got our first job, or any number of life altering events. However, these events were a long time ago.

As we live our lives, we all experience tremendous events that we will always remember. They’re ingrained in our memories. I’m 72 and it feels like I only graduated from college a few years back. I clearly remember the various countries in which I was stationed over 21 years in the Air Force. Marriage, birth of two children, and five grandchildren all seem so recent. However, as I look back at my life and all the memories, it really has been a long time ago.

The point of this article is to remind all that time goes by so quickly. Keep your family close and be thankful for all your experiences. But most importantly, be sure to accept Jesus into your life. After all, it was He who gave you your life, your experiences, and your memories. When He returns and you are not one of His, the short time of your life really will become a very long time.

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