Imagination – A Divine Workshop to Create

Dee Sarwan
Dee Sarwan - Author

Jun 20,2017

Imagination! What a wonderful gift from nature. Use it wisely and you can conquer great deeds. Use it destructively and you can conquer great deeds. You see only you can determine the outcome you want from molding this powerful unlimited resource.

Imagination is an integral ingredient for everyone but especially so for those who are in creative fields of work like hairdressers, artists, painters, gardeners, etc. These individuals have an innate sense of going deep into their imagination and is able to project the outcome internally before projecting it outwardly in their work. 

Imagination is a tool to conceptualize that which is not yet in existence – good or not so good, it does not segregate and choose. Imagination allows us to:

  1. See beyond the current physical state
  2. Develop a knowing that guides us to the desired end result

As the CREATOR of the end result using your imagination, you CAN control what you create.

Humans are composites of all that is learned, believed and practiced. To grow means you have to continuously sort through and find that which is truly your core values. Think of yourself as a barn, there are things in there which are no longer useful, things which can be recycled and some things which are special to you because they have deep personal meaning. Your job is to continuously sort, to live on earth in a productive and interesting way.

To achieve the unthinkable then, the seed was first planted in the imagination of someone who was open to nourishing the thought. Imagine! Create! Share!

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