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Debra Reynolds
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Social Ethics

Jun 19,2018

You’ve heard of “road rage”. Are you the kind of person who suffers from “web-rage”? Does logging onto social media make you want to scream and throw things? Is leaving an angry face or a nasty comment too little a response? Are you trying and failing to train yourself to “just scroll on” and ignore it?

You’re not alone. With our “official” media spreading stories so slanted and deliberately misleading, social media is of course, much worse. No matter which side of ANY question you’re on, you can find someone to argue with. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to find someone to DISCUSS anything with. 

Most people are deliberately not discussing any of these points except with people who already agree with them, diffusing some of the tension they feel. But it remains, and more people are struggling with the feeling that the “fate of the country/world/future/children” rests on what we do and say TODAY. 

We all feel helpless to affect it. 

Is the situation really more dire than it has ever been? NO. After all, we went through a nasty civil war–that was definitely worse. Though sometimes we fear we’re coming close again, though some of the issues of today are very important, our personal rage in front of our devices really serves no purpose. In fact, it may make life harder. 

I’m preaching as much to myself as to anyone. I truly envy those who don’t seem to care at about the issues of the day, and the propaganda being spread. I do sometimes wonder if they care about anything at all. I would love to be able to relax like that. 

There ARE things we can do to help with that feeling of helpless RAGE, however. Just walking away is often not a good solution, as we continue to stress and fume over what we could or should have said. “If I could just think of the proper way to phrase it, showing TRUTH, then they’d be convinced, and believe what I do….” Not really. It’s not up to us to convince anyone. Arguments rarely do. Even with facts. People will believe what they want to. 

So let’s try this, instead. 

  1. When you begin to feel that RAGE creeping in, step away IMMEDIATELY. Do something else for a little while, even 5 minutes.
  2. Choose a substitute activity that is pleasing and rewarding, that gives a feeling of fulfillment. Do some small concrete task that you can look back at and think, “see what I accomplished today.” 
  3. Avoid things which feel good in the moment but feel worse later–angrily crunching that bag of chips can be pleasing and you can look at the empty bag and think, “well, I accomplished that much!” LOL. Not helpful in the long run. 
  4. Try writing down 5 positive thoughts. Keep a small notepad handy (or use the function on your phone). Not only will it lift your spirits, but sometimes just opening that app (or desk drawer) and seeing a pile of positive notes will help. 
  5. Do something for someone else. Take five minutes and call that loved one you’ve been missing, or write a quick note. Even an email is nice. Reach out and positively interact with someone. Smile at a stranger.
  6. Practice manners and friendliness. In the world today, most people ignore one another. Some cultures (rural America!) are more friendly than others, but no matter where you are, you can greet people with a smile or a positive word, step aside and let them go first, hold a door. It will lift your spirits and it WILL also affect the world, as they spread the pleasant feeling they picked up from you. 
  7. Look around your life and see what you can do, large or small, to achieve your own desires for our world. Especially if it’s a hands-on project. It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time. But instead of posting that inflammatory article, how about finding an article about your favorite charity, and drawing attention to the good people are doing? If you have time, whether it’s five minutes a day, or an hour a month, seek out something you can do which makes the world a better place. 

All these things can help. Have more ideas? Feel free to let me know! And…try to have a more peaceful day! 

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

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