Have you achieved true happiness?

Jody Holmes
Jody is a humanitarian environmentalist who is dedicated to helping people and the planet.
Personal Development

Dec 31,2017

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Life is amazing because of the moments you experience, not the materials you possess. Happiness that is dependent on material possessions is not true happiness because that means you will only be happy if you can gain and maintain materials. True happiness comes from within oneself where material things have no value. If you can become truly happy you will not need material possessions to experience true joy. This is such an important concept for many reasons including the ones described below;


1) This means that anyone and everyone can achieve true happiness because there is no requirement to try and “buy” your happiness by purchasing material things. So it doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have. As long as a person has access to clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, nutritious food to eat, and appropriate shelter, true happiness should be achievable without any additional material things.


2) This means that everyone has the same opportunity to achieve true happiness so we are all equal. Some people may be able to buy more material things than others but that shouldn’t mean that they can be happier. In fact, when a person becomes obsessed with purchasing material things they may risk never being able to achieve true happiness. Think of it like this; material things may add moments of joy to your life and therefore enhance your life in some ways, but your true happiness should remain inside of you whether you have a house full of material things or no material things. If you can understand this concept you will start to appreciate the basic necessities and simple things in life so much more, and material things will not seem as important to you. This can be a major breakthrough in life for some people. Spend your time with great people, not just great things.


3) If this concept is followed by the global population more people will focus much more of their time, energy, and resources towards achieving true happiness and spend less on pursuing a materialistic lifestyle. This will significantly increase the levels of consciousness and self-awareness among the individuals of the global society.


4) This would significantly decrease the unsustainable consumption of Earth’s resources and unacceptable degradation of Earth’s essential ecosystems. As consumption increases globally the environment suffers. There are many examples of over-consumption having devastating consequences to animal species and entire ecosystems including over-fishing in the Atlantic ocean, the mass killing of Buffalo in North America, and the clearing of forests all over the world. Over-consumption may be the biggest threat facing the human species, other than nuclear war. We may be able to adapt to climate change, but if we compromise the health and functioning of the essential ecosystems that provide us with the basic necessities we need to survive, there will be little chance that the human species will be able to continue to thrive on planet Earth.


5) This would reduce the amount of negative thinking regarding the topic of different social classes in our societies and communities and will allow everyone to be viewed as equals. The separation of social classes leads to decreased interaction of community members, less cooperation, and less collaboration. This can only decrease the rate of progress in a community. Imagine a community of people who view each other as equals and work together as equals to improve their community.


6) This would help communities get stronger through more interaction, cooperation, and collaboration. A lot of people who lead materialistic lifestyles lose sight of the importance of their role in their community. Every community member has a responsibility to contribute to improving their community so together we can create the kind of communities we desire. If you want to live in a safe, clean, healthy, and pleasant community you should ask yourself what you can do to help make it the way you want it. You shouldn’t expect others to create the kind of community you want to live in. And it is not beneficial to anyone if you choose to accept the state your community is in and refuse to help make it better.


7) This would help individuals gain control of their personal financial situations. Choosing to live a more conservative lifestyle will naturally lead to a lower cost of living and a better chance of both minimizing debt and dealing with debt. Many people struggle with debt and a lot of those people could reduce their debt significantly by living more conservatively.


8) This would decrease the power corporations, banks, and governments have over the population and increase the power of the average citizen. If the citizens of the Earth decided to stop purchasing material things entirely, corporations, banks, and governments would have virtually no control over the global population. Consumers have the true power. Here is an example; If consumers around the world collectively decided to stop eating hamburgers, all the hamburger restaurants would be forced to transition to selling something else or close down. People are not forced to consume, but corporations have done an excellent job at manipulating people to consume by using effective marketing strategies and creating products that people “want” but do not necessarily “need”.  

What is truly important in your life? 

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