Give Your Books Away Free, And Earn A Fortune!

Ken Dunn
Advocate For Authors!

Jan 12,2018

I know exactly what you’re thinking:

“Give my books away for free? Are you freaking crazy? I just spend thousands of dollars publishing and printing my book, now you want me to give it away for free?”

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. 

But let me explain….

The picture above is a landing page to a free book funnel that we use to give away free copies of “How To Write A Saleable Book, In 10 Minute Bursts of Madness”

We give away the book to anyone who is willing to pay $7.95 in shipping and handling (S&H). The S&H fee covers the cost of printing the book and the actual shipping and fulfillment costs.

I know….  I know….

“But your only still breaking even! You’re not actually make any money. What is the catch?”

 Well, it’s not a catch….

It’s an ascension….

What if I told you that we earn $41.31 for every free book that we give away?

I bet I have your attention now?

If you could give away your books for free and earn $41.31 every time that you did, how many books would you give way?


Here are 3 super-important reasons why you should give your books away for free:

1)   Create Awareness: 

The biggest challenge that new authors have is the fact that they are new authors. Most often, then do not have a following, they are not optimizing social media, and they are trying to do all of this on a shoe-string budget. 

By using a F+S Book funnel, and giving your book away for free, you can create a lot of buzz. I have helped hundreds of authors to do this. The energy that is create with this marketing strategy creates a ton of awareness through the energy and enthusiasm that it creates.

2)   Build A Bigger Following:

Every time someone gets your book for free, they simultaneously get onto your email list. Now you can start communicating with them directly. You can send newsletters, links to your articles and other information. This is called “nurturing”. The most people like you, the more they will trust you, the more they will buy from you!

It’s all about “1000 True Fans” after-all!

3)   You Will Earn More Money:

With our free book funnel, we average $41.31 in revenue for every book we give away.

Every time someone takes the offer, we actually make about $1 in profit, but then every single person is forward to a 2nd page in the funnel that offers for them to include the companion workbook for only $19.95 more.

Quill Cloud

We know that 47% of people, who get to page 2, add a copy of the workbook to their order. Let’s take a look at 100 people, so you can see the math:

100 people get the book =                 $7.95 x 100 = $795

47 people add the workbook =         $19.95 x 47 = $937.6

                              Total So Far:                         $1732.65

Next, everyone (whether they add the workbook or not), gets sent to a final page that offers them a chance to join our subscription, which is $39.97 per month. 

Quill Cloud

We know that 20% of people, who get the free book, join the subscription. Let’s just assume that they stay on the subscription for 4 months. The first month is free, so that is 3 months at $39.97.

Now are up to:

100 people get the book:                   $7.95 x 100  = $  795

47 people add the workbook:           $19.95 x 47   = $  937.65

20 people join the subscription:        $119.91 x 20 = $2,398.20                          

                Grand Total                             $4,130.85 / 100 people = $41.31

 Now, think about your platform. 

 What upsells can you incorporate?

 In the Authority Factory, I teach every single member how to create their own F+S book funnels, how to get people to go to it (organic & paid traffic) & how to create their own value ladder, like I have showed you above.

 I even give our members a copy of the funnel I have showed you here. This saves them thousands of dollars that they would spend trying to build this on their own.

 My question to you is:

 If you are already part of GoRead Buzz, why have you not upgraded to the Authority Factory yet? Click on the Authority Factory Tab, watch the video and upgrade yourself.

 You will be assigned to a coach immediately!

 Any GoRead Buzz member who joins the Authority Factory, gets a private 90-minute coaching session with me! In our session, I will help you to create your book idea, your value ladder, your other products and so much more. 

 If you are not in GoRead Buzz, but you’re are trying to figure out how to take your experience and turn it into a vibrant thriving 7-figure business (I called them Authority Businesses) then watch this video!

 If you have a book, or are creating one, you need to use a Free + Shipping Funnel to earn a crazy amount of money, even if you do not have a massive following.

 If you have not started writing your book yet, then get a free copy of “How To Write A Saleable Book” here!

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