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Jordan Knecht
Jordan focuses on making everyone's lives better. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate.

May 06,2018

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There are numerous books and theories on leadership, management, and personal development. So often they miss the one essential ingredient that determines one’s success to a large degree—authenticity.

We are naturally embarrassed by our past mistakes, bankruptcies, divorces, business failures, relationship and financial failures, or legal woes. Most people downplay or minimize their wrongdoings and misgivings instead of using them as a baseline for growth.

In Jordan Knecht’s book Embrace the Chase:The Science of Success: Ancient Principles In Modern Day Stories, you will discover that no sales tactic or marketing promotion is more powerful than your authentic self and story. Not the old you, the one that did not care to learn, grow, or get better. The you that yearns to be the best you can be in spite of, and in the face of, adversity, setbacks, and victories!

Embracing your story means being vulnerable. It exposes you and gives enemies and naysayers ammunition to hurt or harm you. Your vulnerability, authenticity, fully owning your story, and committing to constantly improving your choices creates a better journey and story for others to follow.

What you learn in Embrace the Chase is that all the charisma in the world, all the grinding and sacrifice, all the long hours, all the hustle, all the personal development, and all of the success is short-lived if you don’t own and embrace your story—the good, bad, unaltered story of where you’ve been and what made you, you.

You have been uniquely designed by the Creator to fulfill a divine purpose. You are not an accident. You are not the sum of your past failures. You are who you choose to remain. With Jordan Knecht’s Embrace the Chase: The Science of Success: Ancient Principles In Modern Day Stories, you have the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to make lasting decisions to embrace your story and take great care in the story you are creating today.

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