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Warren Bull
Bio: Warren Bull is an award-winning author with three novels and more than 100 stories published.
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Jul 18,2018

For new Authors on GoRead 

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I wrote this at the request of writers I am mentoring. New authors join all the time and I hope this will be helpful to them.

For tips on writing articles check out  and for a step by step description of how to publish an article read

 Posting an article is another step along the path to using and participating in GoRead authorship. From your writing, people can get to know you and your goals. Articles are the best way to introduce yourself to others who share your interests and who might become your supporters. So continue to write articles that give valuable information and insights about your passion. Sustained effort pays off.

Believe me your sincerity and professionalism will shine through what you write. I suggest you read some of the work of successful authors and consider how they present themselves and their work. Any of the top 50 articles, articles by the top 50 authors or top 5 articles each week provide excellent models. Try reading some offerings in your field of interest and some in fields you know less about to get an idea of what is possible.

A few words of caution: If you beg people to follow you and become your fans, you will come across as someone self-centered and uncertain about your expertise. The followers and fans you get will be fair-weather friends with no real commitment to you. If you put up material with misspellings, grammatical errors and poor sentence structure, you will come across as sloppy and uncaring. Why should I care about your issue more than you do?

Once you have accounts on all the social networks listed on GoRead, you can share your articles, and, at least equally important, you can share articles by other writers. Putting up thoughtful comments about the work of other authors on GoRead and social media will help you become a valuable member of the GoRead writing community. Helpful articles and comments about the articles by others will encourage others to become your fans and followers.  You will gain what Ken Dunn calls “true fans,” i.e. people you don’t know who will tell other people you don’t know you that they should read your work. Word of mouth recommendations are the very best recommendations of all. They are not for sale, but they can be earned.

Unlike a Broadway musical with only one role for a leading lady, one part for a wacky best friend and one opportunity to a play a rich uncle, we authors do not compete for scarce opportunities. We perform for a vast audience made up of readers who like more than one author or one book. Helping other authors is a way to help oneself.  

Clicking on the Buzz Zone tab will take you to a page where you can hit the Buzz Plus Revenue Share Pool. That clearly lists the monthly financial buy in costs and the steps needed to earn a share of the pool, such as referring new authors to GoRead.  There is a checklist that you can use to monitor your progress during the calendar month. And be sure to fill out the tax form included at the end. It has to be completed before checks will be mailed out.

Will you make money immediately? I can say there is an extremely high probability that you will not. But you can make money over time. If you adopt a help-others-first attitude and don’t obsess about the current month’s progress, you can make friends, read some wonderful articles and end up making a profit. I do. I know many others who do.

When I started I told Ken Dunn that I was skeptical. He told me I would not regret joining. I hung in through some uncertain times when other people bailed and my patience has paid off. I have had more publications here and monetary success than with any other publisher. Putting up a good article every week is great discipline. I am in the process of having my latest book published and I continue to learn.  

Please let me know if this article is helpful.  

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