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Jo Howarth
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Jun 13,2017

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Every weekend, my family goes swimming together. We all have a swim in the main pool, and the girls also have swimming lessons. Last weekend my youngest daughter informed me that she can swim now, and then she asked why she still needed to have lessons.

It’s a good question isn’t it? She’s learnt the basics, she can float, she can kick her legs, she can move her arms, she can put her head in the water, she can get most of the way across the pool in one go. She can swim. That’s good enough isn’t it?

I explained to her that if she kept the lessons up, then she would get better and better at swimming, she would learn exciting new ways to swim, she would get more confident, she would improve.

The conversation made me think about the way we live our lives. We can do the basics can’t we? We can move, we can talk, we can think, we can work, we think to ourselves “oh well I’m kind of happy some of the time, that’ll do” or “I can muddle through life feeling like this”

That’s good enough isn’t it?

Is it?

The way you get better at swimming is to learn, to practice and to keep practising, to practise the same techniques over and over again until they become second nature to you.That is how you go from being a beginner to an intermediate to a star swimmer. Practise.

Is there something you need to improve in your life? Something you would like to get better at? It might be something like swimming, it might be to do with your mindset or your work. Whatever it is, practise it. Practise it every day. Become a star.

I run The Happiness Club. It is a monthly membership club where people work on their personal development every day through the messages and support that I give them, it’s like a gym for your mind. If you’d like to know more please visit my website:

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