8 Weeks to revitalize your health!

Erin Roseman
Author, Health & Wellness Coach.

Mar 28,2018

Do you struggle with having a health or weight loss goal and just not sticking to it or yo-yo dieting? You are certainly not alone we are constantly bombarded with the latest new fad diet and the latest best thing to get results which can be extremely overwhelming to say the least. 

Unfortunately most of us try these new diets and then go back to the same lifestyle as before because they aren’t a lifestyle change but more focused on cutting certain foods and getting quick results. Cutting foods for good is a real challenge for most which is why restriction diets just don’t work long term, unless of course for you have to cut certain foods do to allergies or intolerances. 

I truly believe it all comes down to balance and knowing your body. The more in tune you are the better you will understand what works and what doesn’t. Mindset is also hugely important, often times we want to lose a certain amount of weight for our outer appearance but if you really dig to figure out why deep down you want to reach this goal, it will help you stay committed. 

This led me to really want to come up with a plan people can stick to long term and allow them to learn about balance, joy and how to love themselves no matter what. 

I’m excited to announce that I will be launching an 8 week program this April that will focus on mindset, how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle you can stick to. Be part of an awesome community to keep accountable and motivated, the program will have workouts, meal ideas and a lot of self love. I decided to create this program with a partner who is also a health coach and personal trainer. We realized the importance of compiling workouts, tips to stay healthy and mindset tools all in one group to help motivate people to feel their best and how to live in balance not restriction. 

Feel free to check out the link to learn more. Hope to see you in the 8 week program!! 


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