40 Hours/Week Is Messed Up…

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Dec 20,2017


Go Read friends! This is my first published article here on the platform! Shout out to Naomi Haupt for this invite, looks like it will be a blast learning to get my way around. Feel free to shoot me any thoughts, questions or contributions in whatever the appropriate channels on this platform are…I am still learning. If you have any helpful tips, people that I may like to follow, or if I am doing anything that is blatantly bad…please let me know. 

I wrote a few days ago about how our values can be seen by how we spend any given week…you can check it out here if you want to read it https://steemit.com/life/@breakthrough/the-scaling-out-of-value-168-units-at-a-time

Why Is 40 Hours a Week the Standard

As I was writing I stumbled across some research that said Americans spend on average 37.5 hours a week in front of the tele and it got me thinking about what our culture has deemed as normal…We essentially on average spend as much time working as we do watching television. While television does have some very minimal value to it…its generally is a deadening device to help the population indoctrinate itself with uselessness. It keeps our standard of life at complete averageness, and it has somehow become the ‘normal’ in most social circles.

Go out to eat at a sit down restaurant. Look for a family eating, and you will probably find the kids on devices…un-engaged from actual life, with close to 0 eye contact. If you are at a national chain restaurant, they will provide little devices at each table to help indoctrinate the family. It is no doubt a convenience. Very few people are providing with any malicious intent, regardless, how has that become normal in our society?

Our culture says that full time employment is 40 hours. You are a productive adult in society if you work that much, and you should be rewarded accordingly. This has been making my brain spin the last few days…Im not saying we should measure employees effectiveness by making them work 50 60+ hours, that would be equally un-itelligent…what I am asking is what if we measured our lives by something more then 40 hours a week…like an objective challenge to overcome. Our Standard for a full life has to increase!

What if we measured our lives productivity by if we actually care about what we are doing?


Imagine treating your role as a parent or spouse on a hourly basis? Unfortunately, many of us do. If I do x and y for my wife, then I can go and do what I want. If I spend a little extra time with my kid, or if I buy them this then I can do what I want and won’t have to deal with them later…this is another article for another time. But I would never try and give my wife and kids anything less then all of myself. Consequently, I find satisfaction and fulfillment in loving my wife and building four world changers. There is an objective in my heart to empower my wife to fulfill all thats on her heart, and raise 4 kids that write History. It would be weird to try and quantify that by a minimum hourly requirement. 

If I have 20 employees all working 40 hours a week and half of them are lifeless. They do not  enjoy what they are doing, they do not really want to work for me and are doing it for a paycheck. Would my company be better off to fire the 10 lifeless ones, give the other 10 a raise and call my shorthanded staff to innovate, dream, overcome challenges and be awesome? I think so, and the 10 I fire could move on and hopefully find some life somewhere else.

We Do Need Boundries…I Am Not Crazy…

Now I understand that our “work” is not everything in life and we need some healthy boundaries in life…but what if our work life didn’t actually steal from us, but activated us in new ways? What if our work was an outlet where the incredible capacity of our brains and spirits could thrive? All of a sudden 40 hours a week would seem trivial…we would be motivated by a goal, a passion a challenge as a opposed to a minimum requirement. What would it look like if we were not motivated by the end of our shift or work day? But by the genuine pride and satisfaction of creating something of value. Our hearts would beat with real life instead of complacent average weekend warrior mentality…I think our success and financial success would also increase wildly. 

What if? is it possible? Sure there would be plenty of challenges in adopting that mentality…but what if the 40 hour/week mentality is really just keeping us average…You have a 168 hours in any given week dont be driven by a paycheck but by a challenge that activates you. I invite you to think about it? Maybe some of this applies to you, or someone you care about. Maybe you are stuck in your vocation…If so, challenge the way you think, there is more for us in society…lets move that way by starting with yourself.

Live Big Today and Choose Greatness.

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